Be part of one of the biggest startups ecosystem worldwide


Be part of one of the biggest startups ecosystem worldwide


Deloitte Digital Disruptors


  • Beta-i
  • Beta-i

    Entrepreneurship and innovation

    • Accelerator/Incubator , Startups

  • Beta-i
  • Beta-i

    Entrepreneurship and innovation


  • About the program

    Get in this 2 month acceleration program if you consider yourself to be the most disruptive and innovative tech startup around.

    Some of the things you can expect are:

    - Be heard by the right people: Deloitte and Beta-i provide you with an amazing network of potential first clients that are willing to work alongside you and develop your product

    - Access the latest and best tools: Get practical and master all the best startup tools and methodologies to de-risk your activity and dramatically speed things up

    - Fast track your go-to-market: Maximize your efforts by connecting directly big name insurance companies and taking advantage of Deloitte’s go-to-market strategy expertise.

    Our Value proposition is:

    - Designed for integration in real clients and Product-Market Fit.
    - 2 months acceleration program.
    - No-equity taken.
    - Access to +200 mentors and investors.
    - Access to Deloitte's top insurance clients.
    - Demo Day with Top Insurance Clients of Deloitte.
    - +$100K in perks (Amazon Web Services, Incubation & free office space, Popcorn Metrics, etc.)
    - Alumni track record: 3 into YC, 3 into Seedcamp; 1 into Techstars Boston; 2 acquisitions & 80% active.
    - Move to kick-ass city of Lisbon (nominated one of the coolest cities in Europe)
    - 200€ perk for international startups that get in the Bootcamp and 800€ to startups that get in to the accelerator.

    - Machine Learning
    - Artificial Inteligence
    - Internet of Things
    - Remote Data Acquisition
    - Drones
    - Social Network Analysis
    - Big Data
    - Analytics
    - Virtual Reality
    - Smart Home
    - Wearables
    - Fraud Detection & Cyber Security
    - Others: all startups that can help insurance companies making risk assessment and predictive analysis.

  • Instructions to apply

    Any startup that has a product or prototype that can disrupt the way insurance is nowadays.

    At each phase of the program, Deloitte partners and Beta-i experts will assess the fit between the startups and the program in order to invite those that can clearly benefit the most from collaborating with big insurance providers and Deloitte’s reach in the Financial Services sector.

    We’ll be looking at how the team works together, how the product delivers value and what value is delivered, how sound is the business model, how the traction is building up and how can Deloitte provide value in terms of market reach, client access, tech solutions and it’s vast in-house know-how on anything from legal, financial, IT, big data and the list goes on.

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