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Be part of one of the biggest startups ecosystem worldwide



Dedicated to fostering an innovative and vibrant enterprise ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

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    Expara is a venture creation company established in Singapore since 2003. Expara develops and teaches entrepreneurship, innovation and venture finance through experiential training programs and innovation challenges for entrepreneurs, corporations and public institutions in Southeast Asia. Douglas Abrams, the founder of Expara, has been investing in, teaching, training and mentoring entrepreneurs in Singapore since 2000 and has been focused on the Interactive and Digital Media space since 2003.

    Expara funds and incubates startups through Expara IDM Ventures Private Limited. Expara IDM Ventures was one of the first private incubators to be appointed under the Media Development Authority of Singapore's i.Jam Microfunding Scheme in 2007 and i.Jam Reload scheme in 2012. In 2012, Expara IDM Ventures became the first incubator in Southeast Asia to provide companies an incubation network spanning Singapore, Thailand and Europe.

    Expara is currently expanding its enterprise reach across the Southeast Asian region to include new verticals like social impact, bio-technology and renewable technology. Our existing partner network spans in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Czech Republic and Norway.

    Expara has close ties with two entities: Extream Ventures Pte Ltd, a S$20 million early-stage venture fund supported by the National Research Foundation (NRF) under the Early Stage Venture Funding Scheme and Red Dot Ventures Pte Ltd, one of the appointed NRF-TIS incubators (Technology Incubation Scheme) in Singapore

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