Be part of one of the biggest startups ecosystem worldwide


Be part of one of the biggest startups ecosystem worldwide


Seleção Mid-2017 - Produtos Físicos - APENAS HARDWARE (Exclusive for Tangible Products)

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  • MidStage Ventures
  • MidStage Ventures

    VC hands-on / Accelerator...

    • Accelerator/Incubator , Consumer Goods, Kids, Apps, Internet of Things, Hardware

  • MidStage Ventures
  • MidStage Ventures

    VC hands-on / Accelerator...

    Consumer Goods ,Kids ,Apps ,Internet of Things ,Hardware

  • About the program


    MidStage's Special Application focusing on Hardware-type products only.

    If you have an innovative and disruptive product that breaks, falls onto the floor and people can touch; we want to talk to you.

    Hopefully yours won't break or fall, but you get the point: WE ARE LOOKING FOR HARDWARES.

    We do have our "General Application Form" within Fundacity as well, thru which we get to know all kind of on/offline products.

    But in this, we wanna things that we can touch!

    Suit yourself, #BecomeMidStage

    PS.: BEFORE APPLYING, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO UNDERSTAND OUR DUAL-PHASE ACCELERATION PROCESS (as described below). Bottom line: if you are looking solely for cash without showing some efforts beforehand, this application is not for you :)

  • Instructions to apply


    1) Who can apply (location):
    - Brazilians: ok (so if you are Brazilian, please apply in Portuguese)
    - Los Angeles/CA: ok
    - LATAM: if willing to move to Vitória/ES (Brazil)

    2) Acceleration* Process: (MAKE SURE TO UNDERSTAND THIS, as a matter of internal policy/beliefs, we won't invest cash unless we have known each other after the stage 1 period)

    - STAGE ONE: Services for Equity (we provide up to 11 needed services in exchange for a bit of share. In other words, we believe in YOUR DREAMS, and might fail with it).

    - STAGE TWO: Cash Boost (on our discretion, we might invest cash afterwards for a push forward).

    *We are not a pure accelerator, but a venture builder. To make it easier and go with the labels, let's just call "acceleration process".

    3) Why?
    - Few accelerators or venture builders are looking for tangible products. They are more expensive to build, to sell, to disrupt, to whatever... but that's the way we like it.

    4) Why now?
    - We believe 2015 is an year for PREPARATION. Hardware won't sell as fast as it could be sold some years ago. So, let's invest our time in preparing the next big thing, so we might be a step ahead when it comes the time to multi billion sales. Yep, that's true.

    5) Why you? (or me, if you read in first person)
    - Let us know. That's one of the key questions that you ought to answer.

    6) Why me(dstage)? (or you, if you read in first person)
    - Well, why MidStage? First of all we love hardwares. We've had some good experiences with SuperCooler, Ergodontics, GlycoGum, DogLoo, AirDrums and some others, which gave us a nice understanding and knowledge and, yet, a great network within Brazil, US, India and China as for manufacturing.

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