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Be part of one of the biggest startups ecosystem worldwide


Women Startup Competition Europe

3rd Women Startup Competition EU is a 1 week-long women startup competition in Hungary in June 2016

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  • Business Overview

    The third time for Central and Eastern European and first time all Europe Startup world and women startup companies was brought to live by our event in Budapest. After the online jury evaluate the teams, the teams will participate in a weeklong training, which ends with the Demo Day where pitches are delivered in front of the VIP jury. Our aim is to create a female entrepreneur community and draw attention to women startups.

    Our sponsors:
    Ministry of Human Capacities.:. Microsoft .:. Google .:. Kairos Society .:. Hackathon .:. YouNoodle .:. F6S .:. Fundacity .:. The Spot .:. University of Debrecen .:. University of Szeged .:. Sektor5 .:. Design Terminal .:. Hungarian National TradeHouse .:. Deloitte .:. Hungarian Telekom .:.

    Special thanks our sponsors of last events:
    IBM .:. GE .:. Microsoft .:. Trenkwalder .:. CKTA .:. L'office .:. Prezi .:. Ustream.:. Hungarian Telekom .:. The Connect East Incubator .:. Traction Tribe .:. Google .:.Design Terminal .:. PitchHopper .:. Antavo .:. Count Szechenyi Family .:. Forbes .:. Startupper .:. The Pitch .:. Kairos Society .:. Hackathon .:. Hungarian Telekom

    WSC PREPARATION TRAININGS - September, 2015 - May, 2016
    RECRUITMENT November , 2015 - May 2, 2016
    SHORTLIST May 7, 2016
    PITCH TRAINING May 30, 2016 – June 3, 2016
    DEMO DAY June 3-4, 2016

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  • fundacity user

    Tamas Muller


    GF Social Media Agency & @grundfootball & @startups'exit startup, coached at Hackathon-in-the-box, Kairos Venture Competition, Startup Underground, etc. Founder of Women Startup

  • fundacity user

    Kamill Kószó

    PM of Women Startup Competition

    Co-founder @ThePitch, PM @GFSM, Kairos member


  • fundacity user

    Jónás Krisztina

    partner of CEE Women Startup Competition

  • fundacity user

    Fanny Bella Szabó

    partner of CEE Women Startup Competition

  • fundacity user

    Laura Kocsis

    intern of CEE Women Startup Competition

    Junior Project Coordinator at Budapest Launchpad Association

  • fundacity user

    Daniel Wippelhauser




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